Annual Report 2011


A Word about GCDF

GCDF – Gender & Community Development Foundation is the NGO for Gender and Community Development in Pakistan. It was established in 2009. It is a registered organization and has its head office at Lahore. Its representatives are establishing its sub-offices in other provinces. Its affiliated with International Organizations. It is also a member of The Literacy Forum in Lahore.
GCDF has held a number of workshops and trainings for the promotion of Gender Equality especially in School Education at Primer, Elementary & Secondary Levels and Literacy and Education for All (EFA) in Pakistan. Seminars and workshops on Career Counseling, Basic (General) Health and about the awareness of HIV/AIDs, how to enhance the ability of youth through vocational trainings, community involvement, monitoring, has also been held in the Punjab Province. GCDF has sensitized more than 7000 teachers about gender issues, HIV/AIDs, vocational training and career counseling. It has been running Vocational Training Centres in villages near Lahore. GCDF has been particularly keen to highlight and propagate the cause of Gender Equality at all levels.

One of the GCDF’s major roles has been to lobby with the government, international organizations and NGOS for the sensitization of gender equality programmes. In this connection it remains in touch with the central and provincial governments in Pakistan, School Education Department, and Government of the Punjab, Population Census Organization, Federal Government of Pakistan, universities and international organizations including UN Women, UNICEF, UNESCO and NGOs active in Pakistan as well as other international agencies focusing on Gender Equality in Pakistan.

GCDF President is a retired colonel of the Army. He is an engineer by profession and is expert on technical and administrative management. After retirement he joined TEVTA as general manager operations, where he served for four years. He is an expert on TEVT and skill development as a means to economic empowerment.

From GCDF President’s Desk

President of GCDF

  • 2011 was a momentous year for GCDF – Gender & Community Development Foundation. We look back upon this year with great pride and satisfaction.
  • GCDF was new in NGO world however its members were highly experienced in social welfare and community development.
  • GCDF was lucky enough to form a well-nit and organized team.
  • Each member of the Executive Body took interest in the activities of the GCDF and actively looked for donors and funds for implementation of GCDF’s vision.
  • Luckily, GCDF’s team was able to click with prospective donors and gained their confidence to provide ample funds.
  • Resource persons from GCDF were selected by the School Education Department to sensitize their Elementary Teachers on Gender and HIV/AIDs.
  • Additionally, GCDF was asked to provide a Resource Person to organize and coordinate the whole project in 20 districts of the Punjab (arranging 40 workshops).
  • GCFD was requested by the School Education Department, Government of Punjab, to provide a resource person for training its Headmaster/Headmistresses and senior School teachers in the art of carrier counseling their students. The President GCDF took it upon himself to execute this assignment. Career Counseling of 400 male and female teachers was carried out in 10 workshops in the 9 divisional headquarters (districts) of Punjab.
  • Our Literacy Cum Vocational Training Centre ran successfully producing a number of literate and skilled girls and women.
  • GCDF celebrated EFA Week, International Literacy Day, and Women Day etc.
  • GCDF promoted Global Campaign for Education through Foot Ball Matches during this week.

Year 2011 – GCDF Activities at a glance

  • GCDF and School Education department workDuring the year, in collaboration with UNESCO, UNICEF and School Education Department, Government of the Punjab GCDF organized workshops and trainings on Gender Sensitization and HIV/AIDs in 36 districts of the Punjab.
  • Suggestions were developed regarding the celebration of Global Campaign for Education 2011.
  • An advocacy initiative was undertaken by the Government of the Punjab to disseminate information about the Career Counseling and Basic Health Education to SSTs and Headmasters/Headmistresses of the High Schools in 9 Divisions of the Punjab.
  • Global Campaign for Education 2011GCFD was requested by the School Education Department, Government of Punjab, to provide a resource person for training its Headmaster/Headmistresses and senior School teachers in the art of career counseling their students. The President GCDF took it upon himself to execute this assignment. Career Counseling of 400 male and female teachers was carried out in 10 workshops in the 9 divisional headquarters (districts) of the Punjab. In addition to Career Counseling the Scholl Education Department had also desired sensitization of its teachers on Basic Health Issues. Accordingly a Resource Person from GCDF was appointed to impart and elucidate upon health issues of daily occurrence among the student community. The importance of Basic Hygiene was also highlighted as it plays a very important role in the health the students.
  • Last but not the least the Vocational Training Centre for poor village women/girls run by GCDF continued its activity in Dograikalan village in the Wagha Border area.

GCDF General and Executive Meetings

  • GCDF meetings 2011The GCDF General & Executive Body meetings were organized periodically.
  • GCDF Executive Body members took many decisions in the last meeting. It was simultaneously decided that new projects should be submitted to different national and international donors so that GCDF would not face the financial issues.
  • Members also suggested that GCDF should also contact the multinational companies i.e. Mobilink, Ufone, Warid, Pepsi, Coca Cola etc. because they had a small grant for social development purposes.
  • GCDF Female Staff during meetingMr. Qamar Bashir, President GCDF informed everybody about the present activities ; i.e. Advocacy for Gender Sensitisation, basic Health, HIV/AIDs and career Counseling including EFA which were imparted in collaboration with School Education Department funded by UNESCO and UNICEF.
  • Ms. Sophia Malik, General Secretary GCDF requested all members to raise funds for its activities. Ms Sophia Malik also suggested establishing a Fund Raising Committee which would help to raise funds for its campaign.

GCDF Village Women Income Generation Skills Center

GCDF is running a Village Women Skills Centre in Dograikalan village located near the Wagah border. A highly skilled teacher Ms Munawar Sultana imparts skills to village girls and women. These include tailoring, embroidery, adda work, attractive decoration pieces and quilt making.

GCDF Village women income generation skills center

More than 300 girls including students, illiterate and poor girls have learnt skills from this centre. Duration of each skill course is 3 months. After 3 months they are able to work on their own.

Global Campaign for Education

The Global Campaign for Education (GCE) is a movement to end the worldwide crisis in education. Thousands of development charities, trade unions and child rights groups make up the national coalitions in over 100 countries. Together we campaign and lobby governments to make sure they act now to deliver the right of every girl, boy, woman and man to a free, quality education.

GCDF joined the “Global Campaign for Education and organized a number of activities in Lahore in first week of May 2011.

GCDF arranged a GCE meeting with village women, learners, teachers, children and community leaders at Vocational Training Centre at Village Dograikalan.

International Literacy Day September 8, 2011

GCDF organised the International Literacy Day at the GCDF’s premises in collaboration with other NGOs who are working in the field of literacy and non-formal basic education. Literacy Department, School Education Department also participated.

EDO Literacy & Non-Formal Basic Education, City District Government, Lahore spoke about the literacy programmes. He informed that for more than a year no adult literacy centres had been opened. He urged the provincial government to expedite the launching of their approved literacy programmes. He also appreciated the efforts of GCDF for the promotion of literacy and EFA in Pakistan.

A number of NGOs also made presentations regarding their programmes and activities.

Mr. Qaiser Rashid, Deputy Secretary, Budget & Planning, School Education Department, Government of the Punjab spoke about primary and universal education and said that he would be happy to join hands with GCDF in the promotion of Right to Education and 18th Amendment.

Col. Qamar Bashir, President GCDF thanked the EDO Literacy for participating and all the participants for attending the meeting.