Col Qamar Bashir

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the website which has been created exclusively to assist the people of Pakistan in facing the problems of Gender Equality, Illiteracy, un-employment, poverty and health issues including HIV/AIDS.

Our foundation is located in a third world country which is plagued by terrorism, illiteracy and extreme poverty. It is in this scenario that we the founder members of Gender & Community Development Foundation have got together to do our best to reduce the detrimental effects of these issues.

The best and quickest tool to reduce poverty is by inducting the females (comprising 51% of the population) into the main stream productive workforce. This can only be achieved by giving them income generating skills. A pre-requisite for any income generating skill is to be literate. We strive to make the women literate and subsequently skillful. Thereby assisting in poverty alleviation of their family.

We exhort all the citizens of the world to join us in the effort to eradicate poverty and turn this country into a prosperous land.